Music Video Creator

Upload your music track and we'll turn it into a Music Video with Morphyre Visuals - for Free!




Just click the big button below (requires you to log in), upload a music file, and click 'Continue'. A link to the Video that has been rendered for you will usually be emailed to you within the hour!


All you need to do is download it, then upload it to YouTube!




We provide this for free so that more people will see our Morphyre Visuals. Please use the video you've created and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing sites!


Want Something More?


You can design your own scenes for Videos (or the Morphyre Personal Music Visualizer) online using the Morphyre Scene Designer, or you can design scenes offline using Morphyre Pro. We can also create completely bespoke visuals for you - just let us know!.


Example Music Video