Morphyre Music Visualizer

An animated Music Visualization system with thousands of unique 3D scenes. Available as a Plugin for iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp, or as a Standalone software or hardware system for Professional use. Also available as a Screensaver.

Visualize your own Music - Use the Morphyre Scene Designer to create your own Music Videos, ready for YouTube!

Stereo 3D Music Visuals - use our website or Morphyre Pro to create awesome Stereoscoping 3D Music Visualisations!

Morphyre Music VisualizerMorphyre Music Visualizer

a 3D Music Visualization with thousands of unique 3D scenes
Download the best Music Visualizer here!

View Demo Videos on YouTube Download the best Music Visualizer here! Upgrade Morphyre Music Visualizer!


Control which scenes are displayed, add extra effects, and remember and play back just your favourites!



Display Morphyre graphics when you leave your computer!



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Bought Morphyre Personal? You can now Upgrade to 'Personal Extra' with the Kaleidoscope effect, or can add a Christmas Scene Pack!

Design your own

Create 3D animations for Morphyre, for free!

Note: Morphyre's free video rendering service is no longer available.

Pro Software

Use Morphyre at events, with 100s of extra scenes, new effects, HD Textures, Stereoscopic 3D and Multi Screen output. Create scenes with your own images and videos!


Pro Hardware

Self-contained, multi-screen HD output and Touchscreen interface.