Morphyre Music Visualizer

An animated Music Visualization system with thousands of unique 3D scenes. Available as a Plugin for iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp, or as a Standalone software or hardware system for Professional use. Also available as a Screensaver.

Visualize your own Music - Use the Morphyre Scene Designer to create your own Music Videos, ready for YouTube!

Stereo 3D Music Visuals - use our website or Morphyre Pro to create awesome Stereoscoping 3D Music Visualisations!

Morphyre Music VisualizerMorphyre Music Visualizer

a 3D Music Visualization with thousands of unique 3D scenes
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Morphyre is now FREE


Morphyre is 12 years old and we haven't been able to support working full-time on it for a while now. Instead of letting it die, I'm releasing it all for free. If you like this, please consider buying me a beer.


Please note everything is now free, so there is absolutely no warranty or support.


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