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Morphyre Screensaver


Morphyre Screensaver gives you all the graphics that you get from Morphyre Personal, but it starts when you leave your computer. You can configure what themes are displayed, as well as how fast the scenes move!


NOTE: Morphyre screensaver is only available for Windows at the moment (not Mac).


How to buy Morphyre Screensaver


It is very important that you read the following 4 steps before proceeding to PayPal:


1. Make sure you've Downloaded Morphyre Free and that it works on your computer and displays 3D graphics rather than just the Morphyre logo.

2. Pay securely through PayPal (with no obligation to register with PayPal). Follow one of these three links:




Morphyre Screensaver





US $5.95




3. When you've paid, Download Morphyre Screensaver from the link below, install, and enter the e-mail address you used to purchase it when requested.

4. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe file to set your computer up to use the Morphyre Screensaver.


Please only use your details for individual use - we need your help to keep improving & supporting Morphyre


If you have any problems check out the detailed instructions in the ReadMe document, see our FAQ page, or ask us directly on our Forum.




NOTE: You must purchase Morphyre Screensaver before downloading.
There is no free version of the screensaver available.

Morphyre Screensaver

(v. 1.55)