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Download Morphyre for Free and experience thousands of stunning 3D scenes all moving to your music:



When you Download Morphyre Free for Windows you will be given the choice to install it in iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp or Media Monkey If you don't have either of these they can be downloaded easily online. Morphyre is available for both Windows and Macintosh (including Snow Leopard) systems provided you meet our minimum system requirements*.


To run Morphyre once you've installed it, simply open iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp or Media Monkey and select "Morphyre" from the program's Visualizations Section as you play your music. Detailed instructions and information are provided in the ReadMe and the Licence File which appear during installation and which are also available to read online.





The Next Step: Upgrade to Morphyre Personal



Just £6.95, $9.95 or €7.95


Morphyre Free is supported by the integration of 3D advertising logos into the scenes and stops working if you don't go online while running it at least every fifth use. If you would like Morphyre without these logos, you can support us yourself by upgrading to Morphyre Personal, and benefit from a huge range of cool extras, including: overlays, themes, navigation keys and working offline. To do this just download our free version here and then go to Morphyre Personal to upgrade securely and easily via Paypal. 




*Our minimum system requirements are that you must have a processor faster than 1GHz and a graphics card that supports OpenGL2. If you don't have these a message to that effect will appear when you attempt to run Morphyre.