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Create your own 3D Scenes


Transform your business' logo into an eye-catching, music-reactive 3D scene.



Morphyre Pro provides the ability to add your own images to Morphyre's existing scenes, or to take your logo and extrude it into a 3D shape, like in the images above. You can then save your customized scenes and play only them, or have them appear randomly with all of Morphyre's existing scenes.


If you want to display these animations in your Bar, Club or Shop, have a look at Morphyre Venue. This product is a small piece of hardware that contains all of the customization of Morphyre Pro, but can be accessed wirelessly, and clipped onto the back of a TV or hidden out of sight.


If you just want a video of a Customized Morphyre Scene, try our Scene Designer. You can easily create a customized scene online, and can then download a video of it at up to 1080p resolution.


If you want something more than your logo in a modified Morphyre scene, we can do that too and provide you with an entirely custom scene, made to order! You can also advertise to all the users of Morphyre Free by inserting your advert inbetween Morphyre's scenes. Please contact us if you are interested in doing this.