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Graphics Card Drivers


You're probably at this webpage because you started Morphyre and it displayed a message saying that it needed GLSL or Framebuffer support to work.


There are two main ways to display 3D Graphics on Windows PCs. There's DirectX, and OpenGL. Both of these are generally installed on every new PC - However while a fully functional DIrectX is installed, often PCs come with only a very basic version of OpenGL.


To make sure you've got the best version of OpenGL you can get, you need to download new drivers for your Video Card, direct from the manufacturer's site (this is free). Usually you can find the name of your video card in "Device Manager" under "Control Panel".


Once you have this, look below and click the relevant link to download the latest drivers for your PC.

Common Manufacturers of Video Cards are:



Windows 8 and Intel


You may get this message on Windows 8 even with the 'latest' drivers for older Intel graphics. This is because Intel have deliberately removed OpenGL support in their drivers. This doesn't just cause problems for Morphyre, this stops thousands of other applications that use OpenGL from working.


To fix this, you'll have to install the Windows 7 drivers, which do have OpenGL support. For some instructions, please see this post on the Minecraft forum (as Minecraft users have the same problem).