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Using the Online Compiler

The Morphyre Website has an online compiler, which doesn't require you to have installed anything on your PC. It's a nice easy way to get started as it even gives you a live preview of the scenes you have designed.


Getting an Account


Firstly, you need to create an account on the Morphyre website - just go to and follow the instructions.


Your First Scene


  • Go to (Note that there is currently no link to this from your account page, as it is considered to be an advanced feature)
  • Click "New Scene XML" and enter a name - eg. 'myfirstscene'
  • Go back to, click "New Source File" and enter the same name
  • On the scene's page, click "Save and Compile" and you'll get a completely black preview window - this is because the scene is not doing anything.
  • In the render() function, add the following line:
    The finished function should look like:
       export void render({
  • Now click "Save and Compile" again, and the preview window should change to be blue. Not very exciting, but you have now done something with your scene!


Using Scenes from the Tutorials



You can do this with any of the Tutorials...


Viewing Fullscreen


Just click on the 'Customize' link under the preview - this will bring you to a much larger preview.


Good Luck! If you create something you'd like to share, please post a link (when viewing fullscreen) in our forums. When viewing fullscreen, there are even links to share what you've done in Twitter, Facebook and Google+!