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Installing Software Updates


Installing updates will also install updates related to the Operating System. Hence, we do not recommend installing updates unless you have been made aware that there is a new version of the Morphyre Software available.


There are 2 ways of installing updates:


Factory Updates


Please contact us if your require an update. You will need to have Morphyre connected to a reliable internet connection, and will need to go to the Advanced Menu and click on 'Factory Login'.


While Morphyre is in this mode, we will be able to Log in remotely and apply any updates that are required.


Memory Stick


While the other method is preferable, in some cases we may need to issue you with an update that you can apply without a connection to the internet. In this case we will send you a ZIP archive.


You will then need to get an empty USB memory stick and copy the contents of the update archive onto it. After this, insert it into the Morphyre System and wait a few seconds. Finally, tap on the 'Menu' button in the bottom-right, followed by 'Advanced', and then the 'Software Update' button.


The window that appears will show the progress of the updater. When it is complete, tap outside the box and shut down and restart the Morphyre Box. Your update will be complete.