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Texture Tweaks


In the Custom Scene Menu you can select a texture, as well as up to 4 'Texture Tweaks' which are applied in order.


These are after-effects, which are applied after the image is loaded, but before it is sent to Morphyre to be rendered onto an object. They can be used to dramatically change a texture's appearance.


The following types of tweak are available:


Flip Flip the texture upside-down
Invert Invert the colours in the texture
Blur [More] Blur the texture
Blur Transparency Blur only the transparency channel
Hue Adjust the hue of the image
Greyscale Convert the image to greyscale
Col->Alpha (replace) Replace the transparency information with the brightness of the texture
Col->Alpha (add)

Add the brightness of the texture to the existing transparency information

Alpha->Col Create a black and white texture from only the transparency information
Contrast */

Change the contrast of the texture

Bright +-

Change the brightness

Bright */ Multiply the brightness - this will make a texture brighter while keeping the Blacks
Half Res Make the image half the resolution
Make 64px Make the image 64px by 64px
Transparent Border

Add a transparent border to the image - this is sometimes useful for background types such as 'omatic' where you want to space out the texture that you have.


Useful Combinations


To make a texture that is simple white on black into a texture on a transparent background, you can do:


Col->Alpha (replace)


However you can also add a blurred black shadow to it, using:


Col->Alpha (replace) , Blur Transparency, Col->Alpha (add)