• Easy to use Interface on a separate screen (with Manual and Automatic modes)
  • Video Playback and Live Input from multiple sources at once
  • 1080p* Video Output, over multiple monitors
  • Videos or Images as foregrounds or backgrounds
  • Use sliders to modify zoom, direction, hue, saturation and brightness
  • Create custom scenes by editing their Source Code
  • Custom text Announcements
  • Over 30 Overlays
  • 9 different Themes
  • Integration of many R4 scenes and overlays
  • High resolution textures, creating sharper graphics than Morphyre Personal
  • Stereo Output* (with Red/Blue anaglyph glasses, or using specialist hardware)
  • Full licence for Commercial Use


Explore our Online Manual for more information


* On Pro Hardware, or Software if your computer is powerful enough.