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Announcement - A type of Overlay that displays text that you can enter (using an on-screen touch keyboard if you are using the hardware version). You can add one using the Announcement Menu


Colour Scheme - This is a combination of foreground and background colours. A Scene can be displayed with many different Colour Schemes.


Event (Timeline) - A scene, overlay or announcment on the timeline in Manual Mode - when the current time marker moves over an event, Morphyre displays that event on screen.


Fade - A way of changing between scenes, this would be something like a simple blend effect, or a shatter effect where the old scene 'explodes' outwards in shards.


Overlay - A post-processing effect that is applied after the main scene is drawn. This could, for example, be a blur, or a Vignette-type effect. They can be added using the Overlay Menu.


Scene - A specific type of graphics that are displayed. This would be like a Tunnel, a 3D shape, or the Sketch scene. We sometimes refer to a scene as a collection of Scenes of different Colour Schemes, or as one Scene with one Colour Scheme. See the Scene Menu.


Theme - a selection of related scenes. See the Themes page for details,


Tweak - This is a value that you can alter in real-time by dragging a scrollbar. It can change things such as the size and colour of whatever is on screen. See the Tweaks Page


Texture Tweak - These are after-effects that you can apply to an image after it is loaded, but before Morphyre applies it to an object. See the Texture Tweaks Page